We have compiled a list of DVD Rental related resources to some of the best DVD and Film websites on the Internet. Please take the time to view some of these websites and hopefully they will provide you with some very useful information.

DVD Rental Resources

IMDB - The Internet Movie Database is exactly what it says on the tin, a database of movie information and trivia that can be accessed for free using the Internet.

DVDLink - A UK DVD directory, containing links to a range of websites offering DVD services.

DVD Rental Related Resources

Google Movies - Get information on showtimes in your area with Google Movies..

Digital TV - Information on the UK's imminent digital switchover, with information on digital tv services and digital tv and broadband bundle information.

Other Resources

Cashback Shopping - Give Or Take is a cashback shopping website that gives you money back on your online shopping, you can choose to give the money to charity or keep it for yourself!

Mobile Phones - Compare mobile phones easily online, use the tariff tables to make sure you get the best deal available for you.