Tesco DVD Rental

No. of titles:
Free Trial:
21 days
DVD Rentals:
Does include DVD rentals
Games Rentals:
Does include games rentals
BlueRay Rentals:
Does not include Blue Ray rentals
HDDVD Rentals:
Does not include HD-DVD rentals

DVD Genres  DVD Genres

  • World Cinema
  • Thiller
  • Television
  • Sport
  • Sci-Fi/Fantasy
  • Romance
  • Music/Musical
  • Indian Cinema
  • Horror
  • General Interest
  • Gay/Lesbian
  • Family
  • Drama
  • Documentry
  • Comedy
  • Children
  • Blu Ray
  • Audio Description
  • Animated
  • Adult
  • Action/Adventure

Game Formats  Game Formats

  • Xbox 360
  • Xbox
  • Sony PSP
  • Sony Playstation 3
  • Sony Playstation 2
  • Nintendo Wii
  • Nintendo Gamecube
  • Nintendo DS
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Tesco DVD Rental

Tesco's online DVD Rental service represents unbeatable value for money. As well as drawing from a selection of over 65,000 titles, allowing to find something for everyone, they also allow Tesco Clubcard holders to earn points each month, and offer a number of great value combination game and DVD rental packages.

Great Reasons to Join Tesco DVD Rental

  • Fast turnaround of DVD rental titles
  • Earn Tesco Club Card points every month
  • Lowest one-disc Unlimited package going
  • Packages and prices to suit everyone
  • Games & DVD combo packages available

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Tesco DVD Rental Packages

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Tesco DVD Rental Review

Tesco aren't just content with sorting us out with our milk and groceries; they also sell insurance, mobile phone services, online shopping - chances are you might be viewing this page through a Tesco Broadband connection as you read this text.

After pioneering online food shopping in the UK, Tesco have moved into the realm of online DVD rentals, by way of striking up a deal with LoveFilm; this means that they have access to the a 65,000+ strong library and use the same archiving and delivery system - this means you can enjoy the same turnaround as enjoyed by LoveFilm customers. This also means that the same number and range of videogame titles, for all the most recent consoles and handhelds (Wii, Xbox 360, PS3, DS and PSP) as well as the last generation (GameCube, Xbox, PS2) are available to Tesco subscribers.

Tesco offer a number of Value (Per Month) and Unlimited plans, which allow you to take out 1 disc at a time, 2 at a time, and 3 discs at a time, respectively. Tesco can also currently claim the lowest rate for an Unlimited single DVD rental package in the UK.

One major plus in favour of signing up with Tesco DVD Rental, is that their top tier Unlimited rental packages combine movie and videogame rentals under one umbrella - this means you can order any combination of games or DVDs within the set parameter. For example, the Unlimited 2 Inc. Games package means that you can keep hold of one game title for a number of months whilst keeping one slot free for recycling movie discs. You could have three months of pure gaming heaven, then switch to a month of movie watching, or a combination of the two for the same price; it's really all up to you.

Trial periods vary depending on the sort of package you take out. If you opt for any of the Tesco Value per month packages, the free trial period is represented by a number of free discs; the Value 1 service gives you 1 free disc, whilst Value 2 and Value 3 furnish you with 2 free discs. All of the Unlimited price plans come with a 14 Day free trial period as standard.

Tesco DVD Rental offer Tesco Clubcard holders the opportunity to earn Monthly Clubcard points with their subscriptions, allowing you to save as you spend. You can also purchase a Gift Subscription as a present for a friend, family member or loved one.

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