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DVD Genres  DVD Genres

  • World Cinema
  • Thiller
  • Television
  • Superheroes
  • Sport
  • Sci-Fi/Fantasy
  • Romance
  • Music/Musical
  • Indian Cinema
  • Horror
  • General Interest
  • Gay/Lesbian
  • Family
  • Drama
  • Documentry
  • Comedy
  • Children
  • Blu Ray
  • Anime/Japanese Animation
  • Animated
  • Action/Adventure
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OutNow DVD Rental

OutNow, previously known as My Movie Stream, boast a range of over 65,000 DVD titles to choose from; including all of the latest titles, and all-time greats. With a selection of rental packages allowing you to allow you to take up to six discs at any one time, OutNow allow you to take home more DVDs than any other provider. OutNow also observe the same high turnaround rate as they did in the My Movie Stream days – provided that they have a title in stock, OutNow can guarantee same day dispatch of a title if you place your order before 3pm. You can also order online easily with ClickandBuy, the secure online shopping system utilised by iTunes, Skype, msn, AOL and many more…

Great Reasons to Join OutNow DVD Rental

  • Over 65,000 titles available
  • Same day dispatch guaranteed if ordered before 3pm
  • 1 Month free trial on all packages
  • Have up to 6 discs at any one time
  • The only UK DVD rental service to feature ClickandBuy

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OutNow DVD Rental Packages

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OutNow DVD Rental Review

OutNow, formerly known as My Movie Stream, have a well stocked DVD archive filled to the rafters with over 65,000 different titles - that's practically every DVD title released in the UK so far. OutNow know how to run a tight ship and as such can guarantee same day dispatch of all titles (provided that they have them in stock) if an order is placed before 3pm on a weekday.

The website has a simple, uncluttered layout and all the relevant cost information of packages is clearly presented; there are no late fees, or hidden charges for changing or cancelling a subscription. When you sign up, you can begin creating your MyList – this is your wishlist of titles which will be mailed out to your house. You will be required to assemble a list of at least 10 titles when you first sign up, although OutNow recommend that you keep a list of at least 15 titles in order for the service to run smoothly. In addition to titles already in stock, you can set up a separate list of pre-orders, so that as soon as a new title becomes available to rent on DVD or Blu-Ray, it will be added to your MyList.

OutNow also give customers the opportunity to pause or freeze their accounts for any period of time between 1 week and 60 days, if, for example, you are away on holiday, or simply want to take a breather for a while.

To avoid confusion with former subscribers, OutNow are retaining the same great value packages available from My Movie Stream; that's four Unlimited subscriptions, which allowing you to keep up to 6 discs at home at any one time – making OutNow the most generous provider of DVD Rental in the UK – and two Limited per month packages, with the cheapest 2 discs a month option costing £4.99, and the 4 a month one costing less than a tenner (£7.99). OutNow are also currently offering a 2 week free trial period to customers who sign up for any of the subscription packages on offer, be it a 4 disc Limited package or a 2 disc or 6 disc Unlimited deal.

Another throwback to the My Movie Stream days is the continuation of the priority-marked envelopes – in order to maintain a high turnaround, OutNow send out their orders in special marked sleeves which indicate the level of demand for each title and which ones you should return as soon as possible. Customers have found this way of doing things to be far from pushy, as it helps them to maintain their well stocked and speedy service. There is no obligation to do so, but in doing do helps OutNow retain their fast delivery rates of high-demand titles.

OutNow are also the only DVD rental service in the UK to be approved by ClickandBuy. With ClickandBuy you register your personal and financial details just once when you open your ClickandBuy account. You can also top-up your ClickandBuy account with cash at thousands of convenience stores, a la congestion charge, and mobile top ups, and then spend your money online without ever providing your personal bank or card details again.

Searching for titles on the OutNow site can be as simple or complicated as you like; on the main page you can go for a basic search, by entering the movie title/actor/director, or you can choose to go for a more refined search, considering such things as age ratings, genre, what subtitles the DVD has, and any other search keywords you can think of. OutNow also allow you to check out new releases, forthcoming releases, and choose from a list of top rated movies reviewed by fellow OutNow members and by the in-house OutNow movie critic.

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