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Games Frenzy

Games Frenzy are one of the more prominent online console games rental services, currently being able to supply subscribers with every title that has been released for all the next-gen consoles. Their six days a week work ethic allows them to boast a high turnaround rate, which sees you getting your games faster! You can also save money by buying ex-rental titles from Games Frenzy at a discounted rate.

Great Reasons to Join Games Frenzy

  • Every single Next Gen title available
  • Purchase ex-rental titles for less - up to 75% off the RRP
  • Keep It option allows you to try before you buy
  • High turnaround rate - games sent and received 6 days a week
  • Option to pause/freeze account

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Games Frenzy Packages

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Games Frenzy Review

Games Frenzy offer players of all persuasions unparalleled choice when it comes to online rental - Games Frenzy can happily claim to be able to ship every single next-gen title currently available and they're not lying. We spent a while investigating this pretty bold statement, searching for every 360, PS3 and Wii title under the sun and yep, they're all there, everything from Assassin's Creed to Zack & Wiki.

We realise that whether the Wii is a next-gen console or not is a matter of debate, but we simply don't have the space to go into it in any detail on this page - needless to say, if you're after a game on Nintendo's shiny white machine, you'll be able to find it here.

DS and PSP owners can also rejoice, as their needs are catered for, with hits such as Animal Crossing and Metal Gear Acid being only a couple of clicks away. Even the 'last gen' line up of consoles, the PS2, Xbox and GameCube get a look in.

As well as being able to furnish subscribers with every next-gen game under the sun, Games Frenzy live up to their name by commanding one of the highest turnaround rates in the online games rental business; they keep their doors open six days a week, making sure that your titles arrive on time.

Games Frenzy currently offer customers two Unlimited packages, allowing you to keep one disc and two discs at a time respectively. You can easily perform searches by title and console, or opt for an A to Z search. Games Frenzy frequently update their Most Popular and High Availability lists, so you will have a better idea of how likely it is you will be able to rent out a title.

Both of the Unlimited packages come with a 'Keep It' option included as standard - this feature allows you to buy a game direct from Games Frenzy after you've rented it from them. You can also buy ex rental titles direct from Games Frenzy themselves, and all games, whether purchased on a Keep It basis or not, are discounted by between 20% and 75%. When you purchase a game in this way, the official case and instruction manual will be posted to you at no extra cost.

Additionally, If you're going away on holiday, or simply fancy a break from gaming, you can pause your Games Frenzy account for between 1 to 3 months, so you don't end up paying for a service you won't be using.

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