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DVD Genres  DVD Genres

  • World Cinema
  • Thiller
  • Television
  • Sport
  • Sci-Fi/Fantasy
  • Romance
  • Music/Musical
  • Indian Cinema
  • Horror
  • General Interest
  • Family
  • Drama
  • Documentry
  • Comedy
  • Children
  • Audio Description
  • Animated
  • Adult
  • Action/Adventure
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Easy Cinema DVD Rental

A relatively new addition to Stelios Haji-Ioannou's EasyGroup, which, true to the nature of the group does not do things the traditional way, instead offering customers the chance to save money each month with a credits-based subscription system which is both unique, flexible, and great value for money.

Great Reasons to Join Easy Cinema DVD Rental

  • Over 56,000 titles available
  • Low priced, flexible packages
  • Unique credit system
  • Useful refined search tool
  • Powered by LoveFilm

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Easy Cinema DVD Rental Packages

Provider No. of Titles Monthly Limit DVD's at once Game Rentals Free Trial Cost More Info
Easy Cinema DVD Rental - 1 at a time
1 at a time
56,000 Unlimited 1 Game Rentals Not Included £8.13
Easy Cinema DVD Rental - 2 at a time
2 at a time
56,000 Unlimited 2 Game Rentals Not Included £14.23
Easy Cinema DVD Rental - 3 at a time
3 at a time
56,000 Unlimited 3 Game Rentals Not Included £20.32

Easy Cinema DVD Rental Review

Part of the famous EasyGroup which includes successful budget airline EasyJet, and rising financial group EasyMoney, EasyCinema DVD Rental continues the trend set by its stablemates by doing things a bit differently than the competition and offering customers some real savings.

EasyCinema offer three packages, which combine features of the Per Month and Pay As You Go packages available from most providers.

You choose a package offering a finite number of 'credits' per month - one credit equates to 1 DVD rental. The minimum amount of credits you can purchase at any one point is four, the maximum being ten. The three packages on offer allow you to have a set number of DVDs in your possession at any one time, ranging from one to three.

Credits expire after you have exhausted your monthly quota, or after 3 months/90 days has passed, after which you can choose to buy some more, or, if you select the Auto Top Up option during sign up, EasyCinema will automatically sign you up with a fresh batch of credits straight away.

The pricing structure of this system means that light users stand to save plenty each month with EasyCinema, can benefit from the flexibility of a Pay As You Go type structure without having to pay through the nose. Compared with some 1 disc at a time Unlimited subscriptions from other providers, which charge around £9.99 for the service, EasyCinema's prices are very attractive.

Easy Cinema have access to an archive of over 56,000 titles which includes practically every DVD release in the UK. For next-gen format fans, EasyCinema also stock a fairly decent range of Blu-Ray and HD DVD titles, which will only grow with time.

The EasyCinema site - resplendent in the traditional orange hues of the EasyGroup - features an accurate search engine that you can customise for more refined searches. Say for example you were searching for the movie Alien, a title which could legitimately appear under both the Sci-Fi and Horror genre tags in a search. When searching under 'All Genres' on the EasyCinema site, you can choose to pick a second, 'sub-genre', such as with the World Cinema section, which allows you to filter searches by country of origin.

EasyCinema make use of LoveFilm's stock and supplies, and so customers can benefit from the same rapid turnaround rate and quality of service one would expect from LoveFilm.

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