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How DVD Rental Works

How DVD Rental Works - A Brief Guide

DVD Rental has soared in popularity over the last few years because of its simplicity and convenience - stuck for something to do tonight? Want to watch a movie but there's nothing on the TV, nothing in your collection you haven't watched a hundred times before, or you want to watch something you'd like to see once but couldn't justify spending the full price of a DVD on, and aren't fussed about owning a lavishly packaged 17-disc special limited edition version?

By signing up to a DVD Rentals retailer, you can sign up and get registered within a matter of minutes, leaving you free to begin planning your evening from your desktop. By signing up, you can begin planning your evening in from your desk during the lunch hour and if you order soon enough, you can start watching the movies that same evening; the majority of retailers send their films out in the post via First Class or Special Delivery.

Selecting a service

There are a number of different packages available from online DVD rental retailers, with monthly subscription charges entitling you to borrow a finite amount for a set or unlimited period of time - prices vary according to the number of DVD titles you can rent at any one time, how many you are allowed to rent per month, and how long for.

For example, signing up to an Unlimited 2 package means that you will be able to order and watch as many titles as you want any time during your subscription, and keep them for however long you want, but will be limited to only having 2 titles in your possession at any one time.

Other packages set a limit on the number of orders you can place in a month; some will allow you to order up to 4 DVDs a month, but only retain 1 or 2 of your allotted total at any one time.

DVDs are also available for rental on a 'Pay as You Go' basis, so if you only see yourself ordering a DVD once every other month or even less, then these types of packages would be the best bet. As with calls on mobile phone contracts, prices of individual DVDs on pay as you go packages are generally add up to be more expensive than if you signed up for a monthly subscription.

Creating an account

The ordering process requires for you to sign up and register details with a retailer - you will need to create a username and password, contact details (name, address etc) for deliveries, and your payment details for billing purposes.

To create an account, you will need to provide the following:

  • Your email address
  • Your home address
  • Your card details

Place your orders

As soon as you've chosen the package you want, created an account, and have received your confirmation email, you can begin browsing for DVD titles, using internal search engines, searching alphabetically if you're after a specific title, by genre if you want to order a selection of classics, comedies, romance, action/thrillers, Japanese animation, French New Wave, or a selection of films by a specific director.

Many of the retailers retain customers purchasing histories so that the next time you log in, they will suggest a title that they think you might enjoy - you might end up ordering and enjoying something you had not heard of or considered before.

Once you have chosen the DVD(s) you want, click through to place your order. If the titles are available, you will receive a confirmation email stating that your order has been received, which will eventually be followed up with a separate email, confirming that your order has been posted.

If the DVD titles you have ordered are not available, your name will be added to a waiting list, and the title will be dispatched to you when it becomes available.

Receipt and Return

After placing your order, your DVD(s) should arrive in the post within the next two to three days - a more accurate estimated delivery time will be sent to you via email.

When your order arrives, special prepaid envelopes will come included. These are intended for your eventual return of the discs - simply place the discs inside the envelope and put them in the post box when you are done.

If you lose the envelopes or they become ripped or damaged in some way, you can still return the discs in an envelope of your own; there will be a return address displayed on the website - this address may differ from the one printed on the front of the return envelopes, so its best to check before you send anything in the post.

If you lose the plastic DVD cases/sleeves, then you can still return the disc(s) packed securely in an envelope; note that losing the protective disc cover or sleeve means that you may be liable for an additional charge to cover the cost.

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