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FAQ's - answers to some of the most frequent asked questions concerning online rental.

How do I register with a retailer?

Simple - all you need to register is a valid email address, contact details (name, address, etc) and a credit or debit card. Follow the on-screen instructions and you'll be browsing for DVDs in no time.

How do I cancel an account?

Cancellation requests are processed via email - when you sign up be sure to make a note of the required email address you need to send a notice of cancellation if you wish to cancel your subscription. Cancelling an account can take anything from 24 hours, sometimes longer, another reason to cancel a good number of days before the free trial expires.

Will I be charged if I cancel my account?

You will not be charged if you decide to quit within the introductory period, free trials are free. The majority of retailers do not charge cancellation fees, but you may be required have to give a certain period of notice, which, if you decide to cancel at the end of a month, could see you liable to pay for the next month on the subscription as the notice period rolls on. For more information on free trial periods, click here.

I've received a DVD/Game in the post and it is scratched/will not work. What should I do?

If the disc is dusty or dirty, attempt to clean it by gently wiping a soft, clean cloth from the centre of the disc to the edge in straight lines - sometimes a disc will not play or will skip if there are dust particles in between the disc surface and the laser.

Do not rub the cloth in a circular motion as this can cause dirt to spread across the surface of the disc and can even cause scratches.

If, after cleaning the disc will still not work correctly, Send an email to the relevant customer services department and report it damaged. You should be sent a replacement disc in the post, along with an envelope for you to return the damaged disc in. A replacement disc should not count against any monthly allowances of subscriptions.

What should I do if I lose the plastic DVD covers or the envelopes?

Retailers will list a return address to which you can post discs to on their website - it may be a freepost address in which case, you do not have to pay any extra, if not, you may have to cover the cost of postage yourself.

If you have lost the protective cover for a disc, you can return the disc, packed securely in a suitable cover, or along with another return. You should notify the retailer that the disc is lost; you may be liable for a small charge.

What should I do if I receive an order without a plastic DVD cover?

Send an email to the customer services department of the retailer - they will advise you on what to do. You will probably either be sent a replacement wallet with a future order, or advised post the DVD back inside the plastic sleeve of another disc.

Does it cost any more per month to rent Blu-Ray or HD DVD titles?

No, there is no extra cost for renting any titles in HD format. However, due to both of these formats being relatively young, the size of a retailer's HD catalogue will only be a fraction of the size their DVD range.

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