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Blinkbox – Simple, subscription-free movies and TV on demand

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

Whilst Blinkbox might sound like a new form of non-contact fighting based entirely around aggressive eyelid manipulation, it is in fact a popular online movie and TV episode rental service.

Blinkbox removes the subscription element, and you don’t receive movies by post. You can watch straight away online, and the titles available include both brand new releases and popular films from a variety of genres.

Blockbuster is known for its exclusives, whilst LoveFilm has an enviable library that is hard to match, but Blinkbox is an upfront, clear and simple service which makes it easy to get films instantly.

You can watch with Blinkbox online via laptop, PC or whatever takes your fancy that will do the job. You can also watch through certain Smart TVs using the Blinkbox app. Either way you do need a good broadband connection or you can pretty much forget the instant watch option.

If you’re stuck with ‘up to 14Mb’ broadband, and your realistic speeds are around 5-7Mb, then you can probably forget it. However, if you have fibre-optic broadband with speeds of at least 25-30Mbps then you should enjoy smooth, buffer-free viewing.

We watched The Woman In Black on a Samsung Smart TV, and the Blinkbox user process was pretty simple and fluid, just requiring user email address and password to login. The film, in case you were wondering, is as good as it gets for pure jumpy shocks. Daniel Radcliffe is convincingly spooked by the freaky occurrences, and having the antagonist’s scary face pop up regularly never gets less terrifying. The story is thin, but you aren’t watching it for storyline, and too many horror haunting films stumble when they try to pack in explanation and exposition.