non-stop-one-sheetAn air marshal is on a transatlantic flight when he receives various text messages that threaten the safety of the plane’s passengers. Unless the airline can transfer $150 million into a bank account, no one on-board is safe.

Say hello to another film where Liam Neeson becomes the heroic figure, which we came to love in Taken and Taken 2. If you’re fan of those two films, you should consider watching Non-Stop, with action-packed scenes and a plot that just keeps on giving.

For some, the idea of having the majority of a film shot on an aeroplane may seem dull, but Non-Stop may turn that opinion around. The film has plenty of twists and turns, with you wondering ‘who’s next?’; something you would most likely find in a murder mystery plot. The storyline isn’t difficult to grasp, so you’re able to focus on the action unfolding as the film progresses.

Liam Neeson has basically carried on his persona from Taken but instead of being a devoted Dad and retired CIA agent, he is an air marshal called Bill Marks. This may not necessarily be a bad thing, because this is a role he is suited well to, which is why he was most likely picked to play the part of Bill. If it’s not broke then why fix it we say.

Julianne Moore, who plays Jen Summers, also shines in this film and contributes to some of the plot twists it has to offer. Although the film primarily focuses on Neeson, her character lends a hand at carrying the action through.

Unfortunately, the CGI of this film is poor for this day and age; therefore we thought the overall look of the film was tacky. If you’re a special effects nerd and enjoy picking out mistakes in the editing, you will find many in Non-Stop. Maybe the filmmakers ran out of money, who knows.

If you’re a fan of the two Taken films or Speed (the 1994 action thriller, starring Keanu Reeves), then we think you should bite the bullet (excuse the pun), ignore the CGI fails and watch Non-Stop.


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