The Harry Hill Movie

imagesThe Harry Hill Movie brings together the comedian’s trade of hilarious sketches, similar to his material in the 90s, and witty one-liners.

With any comedian, this film really comes down to the audience’s personal comedic preference. If you like Harry Hill’s TV Burp or his commentary on You’ve Been Framed, then you will enjoy the silly nonsense that appears in The Harry Hill Movie.

Harry lives with his barking mad grandmother, Abu the hamster and a bunch of chickens equipped with weapons (yes, we were a little confused too). When Abu gets falsely diagnosed with a terminal illness, Harry and his grandmother send him on a random trip to Blackpool. For the sake of having a plot, Harry’s long-lost evil twin, Otto, played by Matt Lucas, seeks revenge after he was raised by Alsatians in Kettering. Also making an appearance as the wacky vet is Simon Bird, known for his role in The Inbetweeners.

Let’s make this very clear, The Harry Hill Movie is full of ridiculous jokes and scenes that should not be taken seriously by any means. If you appreciated Harry Hill’s sketches in the 90s, you are likely to enjoy the stupidity of this film.

We must admit that half way through we lost the plot, and by that we mean literally. It all seemed to go a little off-topic and more about fitting as many jokes in as possible, in a failing attempt to get the audience to laugh.

As well as this, spoofs of Jurassic Park and Kill Bill fell flat on their faces. If you’re going to take a classic and make a spoof of it, you need to do it with some effort and perhaps more CGI.

Harry Hill remains the same person that people have (somehow) learned to love from Harry Hill’s TV Burp, leading the way in each scene with his antics while the other characters support him.

Whether you love the man or not, it’s obvious that more effort could’ve been made in the production of this film, which looked like the whole thing had been improvised in one take.

If you enjoy Harry Hill on TV, then you’ll enjoy this film. However, if you’re planning on watching it in the hopes that he might be funnier in the film than on TV, we suggest you avoid The Harry Hill Movie at all costs.


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