Disney’s Frozen

8ddba2d922954bdfda5ff9b43d0bce49Disney’s Frozen is one of the most highly anticipated DVD releases so far this year, featuring magical powers, two heroines and lots of snow.

After Elsa’s powers to freeze things are revealed to the town folk of Arendelle, her sister Anna heads to the mountains to search for her. On her mission to find Elsa, Anna meets handsome Kristoff, his reindeer Sven and Olaf the snowman. In a bid to save Arendelle from an eternal winter, Elsa must be convinced to come back and break the spell.

On first impressions, it’s forgivable if you think there’s going to be a princess, a handsome prince, and a happily ever after, because this is Disney after all. However, you’ll be shocked to find that the female characters in Frozen are pretty kick-ass in comparison to many other generic Disney leads. Since Tangled was released, it seems the animators have decided to stick to modern times and give the girls a fighting chance at saving themselves.

There is a lot more singing in Frozen than the average Disney film, however the soundtrack is one of the catchiest around, with the song ‘Let It Go’ bringing many shy singers out of their shell and onto YouTube. As a result of the craze, the song won Best Original Song at the 2014 Oscars. If you’re not a fan of the hype, then ignore what we just said and go watch the film, because the music is highly commendable.

Idina Menzel (the voice of Elsa) and Kirsten Bell (Anna) lend their vocals to play the leading roles and really commit to them. However, as we expected, Idina Menzel excelled more in the singing action than the acting. Children, teenagers and adults alike will instantly love Anna and Elsa through their sibling bond, which plays a strong part in the film. Infants will also enjoy the hilarity of Olaf (and you will too), who provides many of the animation’s punchlines and witty comments.

To some, Frozen has been given so much of a PR boost that the idea of watching it will make you feel like you’ve sold out.

But to the majority, and judging by the cinema ratings, you’ll be transfixed by the magic of Disney, the constant bursts of song and a family of trolls. This DVD is definitely worth a night in, served best with a large bowl of popcorn.


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