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Unknown – Should stay that way

Monday, June 13th, 2011

unknown-imageLiam Neeson, best known recently for his role as all action dad in Taken, returns to our screens as Martin Harris, a Doctor due in Berlin to give a speech.  On arriving outside a hotel in a taxi, Dr Harris realises that he has forgotten his briefcase and without entering the hotel with his wife, jumps in to another cab to rush to the airport.

On the way to the airport, frustrated by the traffic, Dr Harris asks the driver to take a different route to which she obliges.  but there is trouble ahead.  Something comes loose from a lorry in front, causing the cab to swerve and crash through a bridge in to a river.

The driver rescues Dr Harris and then leaves the scene quickly, as it appears she is an illegal immigrant.  When Dr Harris wakes, it is 4 days later, and no one has filed a missing persons report for him.  Confused and in a state of panic, Dr Harris checks himself out of the hospital and travels to the hotel to check on his wife.

When he sees his wife he is relieved.  but there is a problem, she doesn’t recognise him and is introducing another man as her husband and he claims to be Dr Martin Harris.

He has no choice but to return to hospital as it seems he is not remembering things correctly, but his mind is convincing him that he is the real Martin Harris and that there must to something strange going on, and when an assassin kills his nurse he knows he is a target of something much bigger than a bit of memory loss.

Neeson then goes on his usual gung ho, one man mission to get to the truth.  He manages to track down the cab driver and although reluctant at first she agrees to help him.

Slowly he starts to piece things back together but starts to think that he may not be Dr Martin Harris after all, but who is he?? (more…)