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Tron: Legacy – Virtual Insanity

Friday, May 13th, 2011

tron2posterThe basic story of Tron was simple; man gets sucked into a virtual world he created, and he has to sort it out whilst negotiating some particularly dazzling obstacles.  Tron: Legacy is quite happy to offer a very similar ride.

Kevin Flynn (a rather spaced out Jeff Bridges) has been exiled from his own virtual world by CLU, the Flynn digital copy that has taken over and turned the world into something far more advanced and dangerous.

Flynn’s son (Garrett Hedlund), now all grown up, manages to get inside this manic, aesthetic frenzy of coloured chaos and goes in search of his dad whilst doing battle with the crazy hordes that dominate the Grid.  Along the way he encounters Martin Sheen’s criminally underused and utterly watchable David Bowie clone Castor, as well the strikingly gorgeous Olivia Wilde, who does the job as Flynn Senior’s confidante program Quorra.

Tron: Legacy has come a long time after its predecessor, and, as expected, there was a lot of hype, particularly from die hard fans of the original.  Long awaited sequels cannot survive on novelty value (see Kingdom of the Crystal Skull), so there needs to be enough to refresh the story, and if it’s thin on the ground then sadly the movie is doomed to mediocrity.

Tron: Legacy looks lovely, and fans will enjoy seeing Mr. Bridges taking to the Grid once more, just as this reviewer enjoyed watching John McClane reignite his love for shooting large numbers of terrorists.  However, the movie has zero longevity because it has no depth, and simply feels like a rehash of Tron with concentrated emphasis on the evolution of digital movie effects.  The movie actually has the dubious honour of further dating the original.