Dexter – Mr. Knife Guy…

dexter_s1I am quite a big fan of gore and body horror so when I saw that hit U.S. series Dexter was available to rent on DVD from LoveFilm I knew I had to watch it!

Dexter is a serial killer with ethics; not your typical leading man! Working as a blood spatter analyst for Miami Metro he encounters the dregs of society and their actions on a daily basis.

Orphaned because his mother was murdered, then adopted by a cop hell-bent on justice, Dexter’s formative years were the catalyst for his now dominant penchant for the macabre.

Dexter seeks to make his little corner of the world a better place by eradicating heinous criminals who have slipped through the net.

Dispensing his own special brand of justice, Dexter plots, plans and meticulously executes his murderous endeavours, whilst ensuring that each victim realises why they are about to meet their maker.

On paper this sounds like quite an intense show, but it’s shot so well, with many varied story arcs and alternative points of interest, that it’s so much more than just another gore fest!

Dexter’s voice-over provides an insight into his actual thoughts, whilst you get to simultaneously watch him play sane whilst duping those around him.

I’m currently halfway through series 3 and totally hooked; this is one of those series you start watching and then even though it’s midnight and a weekday you press play on the next episode because you NEED to find out what happens.

If you liked Six Feet Under then you will enjoy seeing Michael C. Hall centre stage again, and if you have read the source novel Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay then it will be interesting to see how this book has been brought to life.

I recommend this for anyone who likes quirky crime thrillers – think American Psycho meets Desperate House Wives and you are almost there…enjoy!

DVDRental Rating 8.5/10

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