Toy Story 3 – Can this toytastic sequel give you a Buzz?

toystory_32Toy Story was a phenomenal success, and set the bar for a new age of animated films. With the critically acclaimed Toy Story 2 proving an even bigger hit, Toy Story 3 was only a matter of time. The film features all the main characters from the previous movies and introduces a few new ones along the way. We are once again treated to the endearing vocal talents of Tom Hanks and Tim Allen, as well as Whoopi Goldberg, Joan Cusack, Michael Keaton and a host of other famous names.

Toy Story 3 begins with a grown-up Andy setting off for college; without anyone to play with them, all our favourite toys feel unloved and rejected, all except Woody, who is chosen to join Andy, much to the dismay of the cowboy’s friends. In a state of confusion, the other toys that should have been put in the attic end up on the street, with the dreaded bin lorry fast approaching. Convinced that they are no longer wanted, they escape from the bin bag and, led by Jessie and Buzz, hop into a Sunnyside Daycare donation box, ready for an adventure of their own.

Once they arrive at the Daycare centre, Lotso the Lots-O’-Huggin’ Bear tells them that the children play with the toys all day, every day and that they will never be forgotten or lost, as the Daycare centre has new children arriving all the time. Little do the new toys realise that their new home is not what it seems…

Meanwhile, a saddened Woody has followed his friends to the Daycare centre to try and explain the earlier mix-up, but he is found by an imaginative, caring child named Bonnie. He has a great time playing with her, but then he meets Chuckles the sad clown who has something very important to tell him.

What has happened to Woody’s friends, and will he get back to Andy in time?

This film ticks all the right boxes; it combines comedy with adventure and friendship making it an exciting movie for children and adults of all ages to watch. The inventive and original storyline has enough drama and laughs to keep everyone gripped and entertained in equal measure. Whilst Toy Story 3 can get a little slow in places, and some parts of the story do drag out a little, the gorgeous art and digital design is consistently mesmerising, and your kids probably won’t be too fussed about plot pacing. This leaves the team at DVDRental wondering if they will make a Toy Story 4 – but we hope the powers that be can resist, as the story has been concluded perfectly.

Toy Story 3 is definitely worth watching with your children; they will love every minute and you will certainly find plenty to smile about.

DVDRental Rating: 7/10

4 Responses to “Toy Story 3 – Can this toytastic sequel give you a Buzz?”

  1. ryan mcdougal says:

    i loved toy story 3, i know its sad as i am a grown man, but sitting with my kids watching buzz lightyear break and speak spannish is pure comedy genius 🙂

  2. fran sneddon says:

    there’s a snake in my boots 🙂

    the 1st toy story is still the best for me, but each to their own

  3. June Atkins says:

    I still haven’t seen it, but sounds as good as the previous two, so I’ll be treating myself to the animated escapism very soon!

  4. Jimmy Weeble says:

    This is the best of the toy story films…I like the first two but this is by far the best story of all three and concludes the ending of the trilogy really well.

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