The Proposal

proposalSandra Bullock plays boss-from-hell Margaret Tate, the ferocious senior editor at a New York publishing company, who terrorises her colleagues, sacks her employees on a whim and will go to any measure to secure an Oprah interview for one of her colleagues. But there’s one stumbling block to her success. She’s Canadian, and having neglected to sign some immigration papers, finds herself on the brink of deportation.

Fumbling for a solution, Margaret has a brainwave: marry an American, and the coveted green card is hers for the taking. Since all the men she knows are far too scared of her to consider a romantic attachment, let alone matrimony, she blackmails her underling Andrew (Ryan Reynolds) into marrying her, and he in turn demands a promotion and the publication of his first novel.

Immigration smells a rat, bolstered by a tip-off from a resentful former colleague, and the couple are forced to continue the pretence that their relationship is genuine. To this end, they fly off to the charming waterfront town of Sitka, Alaska, for a reunion with Andrew’s surprisingly wealthy family. Predictably, away from the hard-nosed atmosphere of New York, Margaret’s icy exterior begins to melt. A series of unfortunate humiliations, including being attacked by an eagle, plunging into the sea, and some unintended nudity, force her to lay down her protective shield of up-tight ambition and confront the bruised little girl inside.

Sandra Bullock is a fine actress, and appealing as the hard-nosed career woman, but she is hemmed in by predictable plotting and a turgid script. Her employees call her “The Witch” and tremble in her presence, yet she comes nowhere near Meryl Streep’s sadistic fashion editor in The Devil Wears Prada. Ryan Reynolds’ character is sympathetic, but is mostly window dressing. A fine supporting cast including Mary Steenburgen as Andrew’s mother and The Golden Girls’ Betty White as his dotty grandmother do much to lift the film’s second half.

2 Responses to “The Proposal”

  1. Miss Penelope says:

    utter pap!

  2. James says:

    perfect for a night in with the mrs. we get sandra bullock, the ladies get ryan reynolds – not the best film ever, but not the worst. worth 90 minutes of my time anyway!

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