The Bank Job – out now

Seasoned action man and all-round geezer Jason Statham (Collateral, Snatch) and Saffron Burrows (Frida, Deep Blue Sea) star in this comic thriller documenting the 1971 robbery of the Baker Street branch of Lloyds Bank. Oddly enough, the robbers’ walkie-talkie conversations were recorded by a radio ham, but when he reported the incident, no action was taken…

Directed with aplomb by Roger Donaldson, with a lighthearted screenplay from Likely Lads writers Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais, The Bank Job offers its own conspiracy theory as to what lays behind the cover-up.

When dodgy-but-peaceable car dealer Terry (Statham) is given a tip-off by old flame Martine (Burrows) about a foolproof bank job, he sees the opportunity of a lifetime. A case of life imitating art, Terry and his chums borrow their plan from Baker Street’s most famous resident, Sherlock Holmes, who, in the story ‘The Red-Headed League’, reveals how thieves have tunnelled into a bank vault from a shop down the street. This time however, alongside the gold and jewels they were actually after, the robbers to their amazement uncover a Royal sex scandal.

According to the film, one of the bank’s deposit boxes, owned by a fashionable brothel owner, contained pictures of a certain royal princess (Margaret is implied) having sex with two Caribbean studs, as well as other compromising pictures of toffs, then-celebrities and politicians. The photographs belong to power-hungry Trinidadian fraudster Michael X who is using them as blackmail to keep the cops at bay. An account book reveals that the police are also taking bribes from a smarmy
Soho porn king, played by David Suchet.

Whilst the acting rarely sparkles, the film is highly engaging and races on like a high-speed car chase, in-spite of its vast array of characters and subplots. Political corruption, sex scandals, amusing dialogue and an authentic looking seventies set make for a fun couple of hours.

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    This is wonderful for returning within the employer, friend or somebody who annoys you.

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