May the Farce be With You – Blue Harvest on DVD now

Bit of film fact trivia known to every Star Wars fan worth their spice; Blue Harvest was the codename for Return of the Jedi used by the production team when filming in order to avoid excessive attention from members of the press and fans alike – the cover was eventually blown despite numerous t-shirts and baseball caps being made help support the ruse.

And so, in order to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of one the best loved movie franchises of the 20th Century (the last two do not count) Seth MacFarlane and the Family Guy team created their own hour-long retelling of A New Hope, which in the traditional Family Guy style takes pot shots at everything from Robot Chicken which stars both of the Seths, (Green and MacFarlane) in their own Star Wars Special, Pimp My Ride (with a souped-up TIE fighter) and the War on Terror, by way of having the Death Star blow up a planet suspected of hoarding WMDs.

Basically, Blue Harvest serves up traditional Family Guy fare, with the usual questionable low brow humour (who else would give the role of Obi Wan Kenobi to a registered sex offender?) and is worth checking out for some of the extras not shown on the recent BBC Three screening. The episode is also not slated to appear in the forthcoming Season 6 box set.

An audio track and commentary by the Family Guy staff, including interviews with MacFarlane and George Lucas Himself are included on the Special Edition DVD release, along with a sneak preview to the inevitable follow-up; a remake of The Empire Strikes Back.

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