I Am Legend – out now

Will Smith, a sci-fi legend himself, stars in the latest version of Richard Matheson’s classic chiller I Am Legend. He plays the last human survivor in a post-apocalyptic New York City.

After the pretty average reviews, we at DVD Rental didn’t have high expectations of this film, but have to say, we were pleasantly surprised when we got out copy through the post.

For those who have not read the book, nor seen The Omega Man (the 1971 version starring Charlton Heston) the plot follows Robert Neville, who has only his dog Sam for company (and a few shop window mannequins he’s made friends with) and his struggle to both discover the cure for a virus that has spread throughout the world, and see through each day in the streets of an empty New York.

Those infected by the virus have mutated into some rather scary looking zombie type creatures with a thirst for blood – Robert has barricaded himself inside his house, and has taken it upon himself to find a cure for the infected humans who try to kill him at every opportunity.

The first thing that struck us was how the film makers managed to make the city that never sleeps so quiet, they apparently after convinced the authorities to close busy areas such as the Grand Central Terminal viaduct, several blocks of Fifth Avenue and Washington Square Park. The scenes of a deserted New York are really impressive and have to seen to be believed.

The second thing that impressed us was Will Smith’s performance. It’s fair to say that he’s excellent in this role, managing to bring emotion and anger to scenes, and effectively conveyed a sense of loneliness throughout. He manages to keep your attention throughout the whole film, with comedy, nail-biting and tear-jerking moments. The scene where he enters a deserted building in search of Sam is particularly tense and chilling.

It’s probably fair to say that the first hour of the film is definitely the best…and as it nears to the end, it does start to become a little cheesy, deviating heavily from the original plot. But nevertheless, this film is definitely a ‘must see’, well worth checking out. Released on Monday – add it to your Wish List now!

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