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  How DVD rental works

CompareStep 1
Compare DVD Rental packages and sign up with your chosen provider.
ChooseStep 2
Choose your DVD's online.
DeliveredStep 3
Recieve your chosen DVD's in the post.
Watch & EnjoyStep 4
Relax and enjoy the DVD's at your own leisure.
ReturnStep 5
Post the DVD's back in the prepaid envelope when you're done.

Guide to using DVD Rental

There are a number of different retailers providing online DVD and computer games rental services with some offering differing prices, rates, rental periods and numbers of titles than others – DVDRental.co.uk is designed to help you evaluate the various pros and cons of each retailer.

Unlike most price comparison sites who only rate their merchants according to the total cost, Compare DVD Rental not only takes into account the total monthly price of subscription, but other factors such as free trial periods, the number of available titles in stock, the length of rental periods, swap/returns policies if the retailer charges for late fees or not, and if you can rent games as well as DVDs and vice versa.

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How to rent movies and games online

The reason why renting DVD and computer game titles online is so popular is because it's so easy – after clicking through to a retailers website, you simply choose the films you want to watch, and place your order online, and then wait for the films to be delivered to your door, for you to watch and enjoy at your leisure. When you have finished watching, you then stick the DVDs back in the post – envelopes or some form of prepaid return postage will be sent to you as part of your order. It's as simple as that.

  1. Order online – choose the titles you want.
  2. Wait for the DVDs and/or games of your choice to be delivered.
  3. Watch, play, enjoy.
  4. Return in the envelopes provided.

Creating an account

The ordering process requires for you to sign up and register details with a retailer – you will need to create a username and password, contact details (name, address etc) for deliveries, and your payment details for billing purposes.

As soon as you've created an account, and have received your confirmation email, the fun part begins – you will then be able to start browsing for titles. Using internal search engines, you can search alphabetically if you're after a specific title, by genre if you want to have a sci-fi evening, a girl's night in, or a horror movie marathon, or browse by director, if you're looking for a classic.

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